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Who was Walt Disney?

If Walt Disney had not bestowed his talents on the world then billions of people throughout the world, both the young and old, would have missed out on a whole lot and the industry of entertainment would simply not be the same. Walt Disney was an icon and animation wizard who educated the world with his techniques and visions. Walt Disney was a man who had the amazing ability to think outside of the box and wasn't afraid to voice his thoughts and opinions. While he looked to the future and knew great things were possible, Walt Disney was also to some extent an historian who strove to bridge together the history and the future, which he succeeded in doing.

Born in Chicago in 1901 Walt Disney was surrounded by four brothers and a sister as he grew up. However the family made a move to Missouri where little Walter spent the majority of his childhood. Walt's creative streak came out at a very early age and even at the age of seven he was making a profit from his renderings. More than once he would get into trouble in school for turning his attention to doodling rather than schoolwork.

When he attended high school Walt joined a night school class to improve on his drawing techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts. It was during this time he went to his first movie theatre and Walt Disney was enthralled and moved by the black and white movie depicting the crucifixion. In 1918 Walt began his first animations for local businesses, however this wasn't such a success and he quickly ran out of money. It was around this time that the idea The Alice comedies came to life. This of course was the birth of Alice in Wonderland, which came to a grinding halt at this moment in time.

Walt Disney was a man that didn't give up easily however and took this in his stride. A loan was secured and a breakthrough appeared when an order for the first cartoon version of Alice was brought to life in the back of an estate agent premises. It would be this hard work and determination that was to take Walt to the peak of society in Hollywood.

However Walt Disney was not a man who liked to socialize with the "who's who", much preferring to stay home. In 1935 Walt Disney was to get married, the lucky woman was one of the first people he had employed and three years later Mickey Mouse was born. The first cartoon to feature that was to feature Mickey Mouse was in fact "plane crazy", however this was dropped. Walt Disney was a man who was always looking towards the future and when sound was introduced around the time of plane crazy, the idea of a synchronized sound cartoon came to life and Walt introduced the first Mickey Mouse cartoon to include sound "Steamboat Willy" in 1928.

Now Walt Disney was striving towards reaching perfection with his cartoons and it was during this time that one of the major advancements was made, Technicolor. Walt Disney was now in his element, sound and color together, and he held a patent for two years on this which allowed only him to release color cartoons, these were the silly symphonies cartoons. In 1932 "Flowers and trees" earned Walt his first Academy award and he continued to make advancements in the world of cartoons. Walt Disney was the first to make use of the multi plane camera technique, this was in 1937 with a short film entitled "The old mill" and later this year Walt Disney was to release the first ever full feature length cartoon "Snow White" which was a huge success and today still remains a firm favorite of children and adults the world over. Of course as they say the rest is history and Walt Disney films have grown from strength to strength as new advancements and technology came to light. Walt Disney was a remarkable man who touched the hearts and brought joy to children and adults alike.