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What is Epcot Center? Epcot Center is the Perfect Vacation for Your Family

Epcot Center is a theme park of Walt Disney World in Florida. Epcot Center is home to many attractions, shows, and rides, and also has a multicultural theme to it.

Epcot Center is divided into two parts, Future World and World Showcase. Future World is home to many futuristic themed attractions and shows, such as Mission: SPACE and Inventions: The Road to Tomorrow. Meanwhile, World Showcase has pavilions and attractions based on different cultures, from countries as wide-ranging as Mexico, Norway and Morocco.

Epcot Center is for the most part focused on multiculturalism and technical and scientific innovation. The theme park in itself is based upon the ideas of Walt Disney himself. Epcot Center is the result of Walt Disney's idea for a futuristic community where people would live in harmony. The idea itself ended up spawning the park, which opened in October of 1982.

Nowadays, Epcot Center is one of the most famous parts of Walt Disney World. Epcot Center is a place to go for great shows, fantastic dining options, and an experience the whole family can really enjoy. With the emphasis on technology, the future and different cultures of the world, Epcot Center is also a place where kids can learn while they have fun.

As stated earlier, Epcot Center is home to Future World, which houses a number of pavilions dedicated to technology and ideas. The Future World attractions include Space Ship Earth, Innoventions, Universe of Energy, Imagination!, The Seas With Nemo and Friends, Mission: SPACE, Test Track, and The Land. These attractions provide a diverse and rich experience. For instance, Mission: SPACE is a motion simulator ride that simulates what an astronaut might experience while traveling through space. Meanwhile, The Seas With Nemo and Friends is an underwater environment that allows the whole family to observe marine life up close and personal. With fun activities like these that also provide a learning experience, Epcot Center is a great place for kids.

At the World Showcase, there are pavilions for a total of eleven countries: the United States, Mexico, Norway, Morocco, China, Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Along with rides and shows, visitors can enjoy native food and shops at these pavilions. Also, Disney World takes great care to staff people from the representative countries in the pavilions! Epcot Center is clearly a place where you can learn about many different cultures, as well as have a great time.

Epcot Center is also home to many special events, such as Holidays Around the World, The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, and The Epcot International Garden and Flower Festival. There's even a man-made lake in the World Showcase area called "World Showcase Lagoon".

Disney World is a great place to visit, and Epcot Center is one of the main reasons families flock there year after year for a wonderful vacation. If you plan on visiting Florida's Walt Disney World in the future, Epcot Center is definitely one of the places you'll want to spend a lot of time!