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What is Animal Kingdom?

While the majority of individuals living in the USA do not have to ask this question there are many throughout the world who do ask the question, "what is Animal Kingdom?" Animal Kingdom is a sprawling park from Disney set in Orlando, Florida. It is a delight for both the young and old with something on offer to suit everyone and keep them entertained. Animal Kingdom is set out in different areas and sections with some of the delights on offer being Africa, Planet watch, Asia, Dino land and Discovery Island. Set out in a total of seven areas, Animal Kingdom is then split again in these specific areas to provide different attractions and services to visitors of the park.

In the Africa setting is the Kilimanjaro safari. Animal Kingdom is wonderful when it comes to representing the African Savanna and they do it with authenticity. Guests will travel around this setting in a safari vehicle which is open sided and full of detail and really has you believing you are journeying through Africa. This is truly a wild ride and a total adventure which is sure to thrill all ages, the setting is totally authentic as you move across the Savanna, through rocky landscapes and flowing rivers among freely roaming animals. Animal Kingdom is truly a marvel and while in Africa take advantage of a walk through the forests with the Pangani forest trail. Here you move through the jungle hearing the roar of the gorillas and see Nile hippos up close with the special underwater viewing area. With bird aviaries and a gorgeous view of the Savanna, the forest trail is well worth the visit. When you have completed your trek and made it back out of the jungle there is an African themed restaurant and coffee shop in which to relax and relieve your parched throat.

Animal Kingdom is one theme park which lovers of animals of all species should visit and spend the day. After visiting Africa you can move onto and experience the wonders that Asia has to offer. The Kali river rapids are sure to get your heart pounding as you traverse the turbulent waters. A 12 seated raft will take you swirling down the Chakranadi river and down through the jungles of Asia. To help you dry off after your experience you can take a walk through the Asian jungle where lush tropical forests are on all sides. Animal Kingdom is an experience unlike any other. Watch out for the Komodo dragon, tapirs and tigers as you continue on your journey through the Anandapur Royal forest and take in the ancient ruined temple.

For the younger generation Dinoland is a sure winner and shows that Animal Kingdom is one of the top attractions for all members of the family. With the kids club to keep the youngest family members happy and bone yard where children can work their way through a maze and uncover fossils galore, Animal Kingdom is also a young and future paleontologists dream.

To round your day off before you leave be sure to take a trip around Discovery Island. The tree of life taking centre stage at a whopping 14 stories and 50 feet wide was created by over 1 dozen artisans and features over 300 carvings which await your exploration helps seal the fact that Animal Kingdom is indeed a wondrous spectacle for all. Wander down garden paths through the Discovery Island trails meeting tortoises, lemurs, monkeys and a whole host of delightful creatures around each bend.

Animal Kingdom is a magical world full of twists and turns around each and every corner and sector. It is what you would expect from Disney and so very more, catering for the young and old alike.