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Disneyworld - A vacation for the whole family

Disneyworld is situated in sunny Florida in the USA; Disneyworld is made up of four amazing theme parks and two wonderfully wet water parks. The Magic Kingdom is set around the beautiful and magical Cinderella castle, Animal Kingdom is a nature lovers delight, for space fans there is the Epcot centre and MGM studios features movie magic. If wild and wet is more to your taste then Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach could be more to your liking and they all make up Disneyworld.

There are many must see attractions when it comes to The Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld. For fans of the popular Disney movies, Pirates of the Caribbean there is a huge treat in store. This is one attraction that should not be missed. Here you are able to meet Captain Jack Sparrow and his band of pirates along with Barbossa the arch enemy all by way of the latest technology audio animatronics. There is fun and laughter by way of Monsters Inc, Mickey's magical 3D adventure and space adventure fun by way of Space Mountain.

The next Disneyworld attraction that you should not miss is Disneyworld MGM Hollywood studios. Here you can thrill to the stunts of Indiana Jones with deafening explosions, crashes and bangs this is a treat for the whole of the family. The ultimate is thrill rides, the Star Wars ride, Rock and Rollercoaster with the rock band Aerosmith and the Twilight Zone tower of terror, there is something sure in this Disneyworld attraction to please everyone.

The Epcot Centre is a sheer delight for those who are into space, the world and the future and is situated around a large relaxing lake. The 180 feet tall geosphere Spaceship Earth Pavilion is one of the centerpieces of this Disneyworld attraction. Inside you will be transported into deep space by way of a time machine, this will take show you moments from the past, the present and to see what could happen in the future. Other Disneyworld features in the Epcot centre you shouldn't miss include The Seas with Nemo and Friends, which takes you deep under water on a magical mystery tour. Tours of various worlds can also be found here including Mexico, United Kingdom, Morocco and France to just name a few.

Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are two Disneyworld Water parks which are both based on different themes. Blizzard Beach as the name would suggest is based on the story of a huge snowstorm. After the snow melts in the Florida sun you are left with waterways and runs which become the attractions by way of the slides. Typhoon Lagoon is based on the fact of a peaceful and tranquil island being hit by a huge typhoon which turns the island up side down and leaves a shrimp ship mounted on the summit of a huge mountain. Both are excellent and fun Disneyworld days out for those who like their days out on the wet side. Of course this is just a very quick look at some of the main attractions and delights on offer at the parks, there is a whole lot more.