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Disneyworld Car Rental

When traveling to Disneyworld do you really need a car rental? That all depends on what you plan on doing and where you are staying. If you are taking an extended vacation and plan to visit places outside of Disneyworld, then a car rental may be a good idea. If you are staying at one of the Disney resorts and are only there for a few days to see the park, then a car rental may not be required. Here is what you need to know about a Disneyworld car rental.

First of all, you can start your Disneyworld vacation planning at Disneyworld's website. From there you can use their vacation planner to design a special event for you and your family. One of the options is to add a rental car to your vacation package. Here is when you should consider a Disneyworld car rental.

Where do you plan to stay? If you find that the Disneyworld resorts are too steep for your budget and you wish to stay at a local hotel or motel, you will most likely need a rental car. Staying outside of the park and you are truly on your own. While many hotels in the Disneyworld area offer shuttle services to and from the park, you may find that you have severe time constraints placed on you. In addition, you may need the Disneyworld car rental to get to and from the airport and to eat meals. Furthermore, you may want to explore the sites that are not a part of Disneyworld. All of the major car rental companies offer a Disneyworld car rental. Alamo is probably the least expensive. You can also look into Enterprise, Budget and Hertz. All of these will be good choices. If you have a travel service such an AAA, you may want to book your Disneyworld rental car through them. AAA can get you Disneyworld rental car discounts. Other travel services can do the same. If you do not have a travel service, then check if any of your employee benefits include discounts on rental cars. Large corporations such as IBM offer their employees discounts on certain rental cars. AARP members also enjoy Disneyworld car rental discounts. If Disneyworld plus the local sites are what you desire to see during your vacation, then a Disneyworld car rental is for you. There are many ways to find discounts. Be sure to check with your employer, union, or any professional or charitable groups you may belong to.

If you are staying in one of the many Disneyworld resorts and you plan on using the resort and Disneyworld as your vacation, then you may not need to have a Disneyworld car rental. Disneyworld offers complimentary motorcoach transportation to and from the airport. In addition, there is free transportation from the Disneyworld resorts to and from the park. Therefore, if you just want to use the Disneyworld facilities, then a Disneyworld car rental would not be necessary. You could use the money you save on the Disneyworld car rental to upgrade your stay at Disney.

A Disneyworld car rental is something to think long and hard about. I tend to be a penny pincher and will cut out an expense if it is not truly necessary. If you are staying at Disneyworld, I would suggest you forego the Disneyworld car rental. On the other hand, if you are staying outside the park's facilities then a Disneyworld car rental is a requirement.