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Disney water parks - Two great choices for a fun filled day out

Disney water parks offer so much more than just a splash around in a large pool, but then again as they are from Disney you probably wouldn't have expected anything less. Disney water parks have the same imagination in them that all Disney theme parks have, which means whichever one you choose to visit you and your family will be in for a very special treat.

When considering visiting Disney water parks your first port of call could be Typhoon Lagoon. Typhoon Lagoon is one of the best on offer from Disney water parks, with it first opening its doors to the delights of the public in 1989. The whole island is set around the mythical Placid Palms Resort, this was a delightful place and then it was struck by a typhoon and this is where the name Typhoon Lagoon comes into play. The central feature of the island is Mount Mayday which upon the summit lays the wreck of the Miss Tilly an unfortunate shrimp boat that was caught up in the tropical storm.

This is just one of the Disney water parks with a good story behind it that utilizes that story and blends it into the attractions. The 100 foot Mount Mayday was left jutting out of the island and is home to the some of the most outstanding features of the park, the slides. There are two speed slides, four super twisting body slides and three complete tubes. However the fun does not stop here as the park spreads out in over a two and half acre tropical lagoon, into which water cascades down from many sources. Filled throughout with lush tropical vegetation in which those who just want to sit can lay in the shade and pass the time away. With a kiddy creek, castaway creek, hot and cold food and drinks and one of the largest wave pools seen in not only Disney water parks but also the world, this is one fun filled day for all the family.

Blizzard beach is also another popular choice among Disney water parks. Featuring one of the worlds largest and fastest speed free fall slides to get the pulse rating and set among an icy snowy setting this is one of the Disney water parks you can definitely chill out in.

Built around snowy Mount Gushmore this is another of one the Disney water parks that have been built around a story line. Of course this time a severe snow storm hit Florida which then resulted in massive flooding. This resulted in ski slopes and toboggan runs turning into slippery slides which are among the many amenities that are found scattered around the park, including the one acre pool.

You get as much fun in Disney water parks as you expect to get in any of their theme parks, although of course you can guarantee you will get wet. Guest services can be found in the delightful Alpine village which includes wonderful names such as the Avalunch, Cooling hut and Polar pub. Blizzard beach provides fun for all ages and is just one of the many funs days out that Disney water parks can provide.