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What Is Disney World?

Disney World Is the Place to Be for Family Fun!

Walt Disney World is a world-famous collection of theme parks and attractions that captures the magic and family fun of the Disney tradition. No matter what age your kids are, or even if you have kids at all, there’s something for everyone at Disney World! The sheer size and number of things to do and see at Disney World ensure that Disney World is a destination that can be enjoyed again and again. To find out what Disney World has to offer, continue reading for a rundown of what Disney World is all about.

Disney World is home to four theme parks, each providing their own distinct experience. The theme parks include Magic Kingdom, Epcot (formerly Epcot Center), Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios), and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. Disney World is also home to two water parks, which are Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

The Magic Kingdom is one of the many reasons Disney World is a classic destination for all kinds of families. Such famous attractions as Splash Mountain, the Cinderella Castle, and new favorites such as the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor are present there, as well as a plethora of shows and dining experiences. The Magic Kingdom was the first theme park ever built at Disney World, and is usually the most-visited theme park in the world year after year. Disney World is an iconic vacation spot for families, and it all started with the Magic Kingdom.

Epcot is a community experiment turned theme park that houses Future World and World Showcase. Future World is a collection of activities, learning centers and shows that celebrate technological progress. Meanwhile, World Showcase is home to a dozen pavilions that showcase a multitude of cultures, including Canada, Mexico, Norway, and Morocco. Disney World is not just a great place for fun, but also a place to learn and explore new things, and Epcot is one of the main reasons for that.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a celebration of show business, with many great shows as well as memorabilia and even busts of memorable performers in TV history. Disney World is not just about the world of Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, as Disney’s Hollywood Studios proves. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll also find attractions devoted to Star Wars and Indiana Jones, helping endear the park to older kids and adults as well as the little tykes.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is the most recent addition to Disney World, premiering in 1998. It is also the largest of the Disney theme parks, and is already a favorite for many Disney World vacationers. The park is inspired by the idea of animal conservation, which was near and dear to the great Walt Disney himself. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is home to several areas, and features attractions devoted to all manner of beasts, from jungle animals to dinosaurs! Disney World is a great place for animal lovers of all ages, thanks to Animal Kingdom Park.

With each theme park being absolutely huge and full of fun things to explore and do, it’s easy to see why Disney World is the top choice for vacationing families year after year. As if there wasn’t enough to see at Disney World’s theme parks, there are new things being added yearly as well. If you’re looking for family fun and a memorable experience, Disney World is the destination for you.

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